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Basati: bah-sah-tee (Italian) = stuff

A semi-serious, assorted collection of professional Salesforce nuts who help clients manage, track, and follow up on their stuff “in the cloud”.

Simply stated, we have the best, most qualified team to assist our clients in every aspect of their Salesforce implementation, customization, data migration, and training. Whether you are looking for a team to handle your Salesforce needs, or are thinking about joining a dynamic team, Basati is your solution.

You’ll Love Our Team of Salesforce Certified Experts

Basati is a team of certified salesforce experts. From new installations to review and customizations of current Salesforce instances, Basati ensures your Salesforce is aligned to meet your current business needs. We’ll help you define your specific capabilities and improve the way you run your business. We pride ourselves on our ability to translate our customer’s requirements and pain points into implementation plans, and the technical acumen to then convert those plans into real solutions that work.

Our Team Consists of…

  • Certified Salesforce Administrators
  • Certified Salesforce Advanced Administrators
  • Certified Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultants
  • Certified Salesforce Service Cloud Consultants
  • Certified Salesforce Developers
  • Certified Pardot Consultants

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Our Happy Clients

It has truly been a pleasure working with Basati. They have a great understanding of current business trends and their advice has always been beneficial to our business. They provide exactly what we require and we value our relationship together. We look forward to growing with them and recommend them to all.

JP Regit
Focus Private Training

Quite simply, if we had signed on with anyone else, we would have spent a whole lot more, would have received less service, minimal hand-holding and advice when we really needed it, and would have been a lot less successful. Basati knows their stuff!

Vikki Garby

Tim possesses the most elusive quality in a technology consultant, the ability to listen to the client’s needs and provide a solution that best suits their business, balancing the cost, timing and complexity of the end result. I recommend Tim and Basati without reservation.

Jonathan Gorman
COO Covendium LLC

I have had the distinct honor and pleasure watching Tim grow as a businessman over the past 13 years. As one of the owners of the companies Tim has been involved with for the past 13 years in Central Florida upto Basati, it is without hesitation that I highly recommend Tim and his TEAM.

Jeff Vratanina
Pinnacle Financial

Digital Risk hired Basati to further customize our recruiting application and integrate our org with our website to bring our applicants directly into our Salesforce portal. Basati met and typically exceeded our expectations, making it a pleasure to work with their team.!

Tim Shacoski
Digital Risk


Best Practices Blog


Sifting Through Data to Find Relevant Customer Metrics

SIFTING THROUGH DATA TO FIND RELEVANT CUSTOMER METRICS By Larry Alton  Customer service and marketing specialists are often fire-hosed with data. However, the devil isn’t always in the details. Sometimes you need to be able to identify clear patterns and threads that can only happen when you look at the right metrics over long periods of time. Companies can value from getting a bird’s eye view of purchase, traffic, and feedback trends. Here are four points that can help you create succinct reports out of the data your company has access to. Create Specific Measurables So you want to start collecting customer data, but you’re not sure where to […]

SAP Conversion Must Have for Salesforce Clients

As your trusted partner, Basati wanted to inform you that we now have a new Consultant that has particular experience with SAP and Dynamics.  In fact, she’s certified in both, and holds the Salesforce Admin Certification as well. Tim Smith, Basati Founder and CEO, stated “Many folks migrating to the platform need a guru like Ayesha to assist with a smooth transition.  By being certified across three systems (and holding an MBA in Accounting) Ayesha is perfectly suited to help move clients off legacy SAP and Dynamics systems.  For those clients not moving away from those systems but need […]

7 Salesforce Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Our very own, Paul Young, Basati Director of Business Operations and Salesforce MVP Alumnus has been featured in this article on ButtonClick Admin by Salesforce:   Posted By Mike Gerholdt on May 4, 2015 Ever heard of life hacks? Like how you can make your shoes waterproof by usingBurt’s Bees Wax and a hairdryer. Maybe you’ve even heard of growth hacks if you’re familiar with the startup world. Well here are 7 Salesforce hacks that will make you life easier. As a Salesforce Admin we want to make everything as easy as possible so that our users can be as productive as […]

5 Steps to Defining Your Sales Strategy

Like many things in life, having a strategy in mind makes accomplishing your goals that much easier. For instance, an athlete wouldn’t play a game without having a strategy in place to increase his chances of winning.  You wouldn’t go to the grocery store without having a planned shopping list to follow. There’s a reason why they’re called “impulse buys,” and with a list in hand you’re much less likely to spring for junk you really don’t need. A strategy is more than just selling. What kinds of sales do you want, or better yet, need for your business to […]

Marketing Automation & Your CRM: The Dynamic Duo

Learn how to create the ultimate sales and marketing tool by integrating marketing automation and your CRM. While these are two similar tools, it’s the differences between them that make them so compatible. Take a look at our white paper to get a more in-depth look at these differences, the benefits of integration, and a step-by-step look at the implementation process. The white paper will cover: Differences in the departmental focus, primary goals, and key features of each system The marketing benefits of integrating marketing automation and a CRM, including lead qualification, lead management, and targeted messaging The sales benefits […]

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