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IN THIS ISSUE…  SpringCM and the American Gulag 10 Easy Wins for Salesforce Adoption You Should Be Doing in 2015 How to Fix the #1 Mistake that 94% of Sales Professionals Make in Negotiation The 5 Step Blueprint for Maximizing Your SEO Potential SPRINGCM AND THE...

5 Steps to Defining Your Sales Strategy

Like many things in life, having a strategy in mind makes accomplishing your goals that much easier. For instance, an athlete wouldn’t play a game without having a strategy in place to increase his chances of winning.  You wouldn’t go to the grocery store without...

Whitepaper: 10 Tips for Accelerating Your Pipeline

Over 25% of sales cycles take 7 months or longer to close (Harvard University). That’s why it’s  important for marketers and salespeople alike to start thinking about the health of their sales cycle — because the longer your sales cycle, the longer it takes to bring...


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