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Tim Smith : What we hear from folks that already have Salesforce is, “My guy’s aren’t using it”. “It’s too frustrating”. “There’s to many click’s to do this, There’s to many click’s to do that”. “I can’t get my report’s out of it”.

Jared Leduc : They work with an old partner that can set it up the way they want it to. Whether that’s, they gave them a list of requirement’s and they came back with just those requirement’s done after a couple month’s that didn’t you know, help them through the process to make sure it’s where it needed to be.
The ones that do the self implementations it’s a mess. They invest the money into the product and after three month’s you have no return on it and not being successful.

Tim Smith : And so what we do at that point is we go in and it’s almost a reset of, “What are you trying to accomplish?” “Let’s take a look at that and let’s break down that into small pieces and get you some easy winds. Make that user experience the best possible because if, for any software if they’re not using it, it’s not going to get you what you need as a management.

Jared Leduc : We’re agile so we keep in contact weekly with our clients and make sure you know we give them deliverables and they can say “Yep that how I want it to be”. And work with them along the entire process.

Tim Smith : We have folks that do infield inspections and they do it all from their iPad or their iPhone and that’s all Salesforce. We’ve seen client’s use it for survey’s and on going analytics even now, where they can track what’s going on in their business all on the Salesforce platform. And they really like the fact that every week they’re getting an update on their hour’s and how thing’s are going. And every two week’s at the most they’re seeing actually result’s. So they like that they’re constantly involved with it.


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