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App & Custom Development


Basati has experienced certified developers ready to assist you to go beyond configuration and reach the deeper abilities of the Salesforce1 platform.  We’ve developed 4 apps in house that are currently on the Salesforce AppExchange (visit our Apps tab on the website to learn more).

Our team can work with you through the entire app cycle – ideas, architecture, design, build, test, package, deployment, and support.

Basati can ensure you gain visibility into the entire Salesforce ecosystem of end users, Implementation Partners, and other Salesforce ISV Partners by publishing your app to the Salesforce AppExchange – the largest commercial app marketplace in the world.

The Basati development team is ready to help you build your first app and make it even easier for your customers to interact with you!


Customizations are proven to enable increased user adoption. By attracting users with practical functionality, we can work together to improve compliance and participation.

Customizations extend functionality beyond what is available with configuration only. While there’s plenty of value attained by configuration, use of customizations can significantly expand the capabilities of the Salesforce platform to deliver results that are impactful.

Basati can guide you and suggest meaningful customizations where appropriate, while recommending elements that will streamline your Salesforce processes, including:

  • Custom Objects
  • Triggers
  • Workflows
  • Much more

Customizations are an essential part of ensuring the highest return on your Salesforce investment.  The Basati development team is ready to assist!


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