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Data Cleansing & Migration


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Data Cleansing & Migration

According to Informatica, 30 to 40 percent of the effort in a new application project is data migration*.  At Basati our experience is that the actual level is closer to 50% for the typical project.  Think of that for a minute.  For every dollar spent on a Salesforce project that has a data movement component, roughly fifty cents goes toward the migration part.  No other single aspect of the average project commands such a large chunk of resources or time.  

If you get every user need correctly captured; build out every object, field, workflow, trigger, template and alert; but then the data flowing to them is wrong you are doomed. Without correct, clean, correlated data; the possibility of success for your Salesforce project is somewhere between zero and nil.

The Basati Data Migration Method (BDMM) is the same three step process used by the trained, certified, data experts at Basati.  It’s simple, proven in the field, and is constantly being improved on.

At a very high level:

  1. Basati evaluates and understands the boundaries of the data for migration.
  2. Basati pulls a sample and checks it.
  3. Then, we do a test migration.

Then,  you’re as ready as you’ll ever be.  The actual, live, migration to production is the next step Basati will walk through with you.

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