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Reporting and Analytics


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Reporting and Analytics

Reports and dashboards are a critical component of the Salesforce Sales Cloud, delivering insight to sales reps, managers, and executives across your company, and on any device.


The true value of keeping your data in Salesforce is that you can report on it using pre-built or custom reports. With reports you can create visibility amongst your co-workers and management teams, and use the data to create actionable metrics and dashboards.

Basati uses benchmarks to provide business cases where reports become useful, in conjunction with utilizing our AppExchange partners to recommend applications that can make your life easier, including pre-built reports that aren’t native to your Salesforce instance to help turn you into a reporting rock star.


Dashboards are modern visualizations (normally good-looking ones too) of your data that don’t have to be manually updated like excel sheets and such. Communications on your team are greatly improved by allowing everyone on your team centralized access to the latest data. Dashboards help you see and understand trends in that data. Dashboards can also help you understand trends in that data more quickly and easily through charts that automatically update, so you can avoid potential problems and celebrate successes.

Emailing dashboards is a handy way to share information on a regular basis with team members, as well as with any Salesforce users who may not log in to Salesforce as frequently as they should. When it comes to metrics that you may want to monitor as part of your daily work, such as incoming leads or registrations, starting the day with a cup of coffee and your morning dashboards will keep you well in the loop.  Basati can help you achieve this centralized access to the data in your org.


Organizations that can best understand and translate their data into actions will be able to close more Opportunities, solve Cases proactively (or prevent them in the first place) and empower Customers for ongoing successful interactions. In today’s day and age, where your customers expect a personalized, immediate and relevant response or product, businesses can no longer wait weeks or months to gather insights on past performance. Basati can help you measure the data that means the most to your business through our analytics best practices.



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