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Tim: Basati was founded in 2011. I was actually doing part-time work consulting and quickly realized that it was much bigger than just me. I needed to find a lot of folks smarter than me and decided to turn into a business. We formed basati, started hiring folks and here where we are today.
I started with Salesforce in the mortgage days. We had a mortgage company. We combined two of them. We had to roll out some new software. We bought Salesforce, rolled it out. They came in and set it up, but then that was it. I had to learn how to use the system for myself to get the reports and all I wanted, but also so that my guys could use it to the full effect. I really fell in love with it. I actually used to joke all the time, if the mortgage world ever changed, I’d be in Salesforce world. As we know, this mortgage world drastically changed.
I had a friend who called me one time and said, “Hey, I need some Salesforce help. It’d be about 20 hours a month. Do you mind helping?” I thought, “Sure. I’m still looking for what I’m going to do in my next world.” I started helping out part-time. He ended up turning that into a lot more than 20 hours a month and started sending referrals. I started getting other referrals and just grew from there.

Jason: We are a team. There is no individual. That is the number one aspect that I enjoy in being with basati. It’s a fun team-oriented atmosphere. Everybody is willing to help anybody keep the clients happy and help you develop and design the best solution.

Heather: These guys know their stuff. We’ve got an impressive team. I hear them sit together and put their heads together and brainstorm. They really do put their heart and souls into every single client. They’re passionate about what they do and what better people to work for than people that really enjoy what they do day-to-day. They take pride coming up with these intricate solutions and really keeping the clients end goal in mind.

Andrew: The benefit of being a smaller consultancy is that we can react quicker than some of the larger firms that have grown to their size through their success, but at the same time, you may not get that personal touch that a smaller consultancy will give you simply because we care more. Every client matters to basati.
We’ve had scenarios where customers of ours have been burned in the past by multiple consultant agencies that are very large. Even though they have a solution, they don’t necessarily trust it or they’re not using it correctly. They come to basati and we analyze what has been done in the past and we talk to the client and understand the issues that they’re having and then we formulate a path to the future.

Tim: At basati, we work with a lot of the smaller clients that haven’t necessarily tracked real numbers before. Across the board, we’ve seen 25%, to as much as 45%, or 50% even, increase in sales. We’ve had some clients even as high as, “We doubled our sales in one year because we’re using Salesforce.” That’s strictly because the business was there, and now they’re tracking it, and now they’re taking full advantage of it.


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