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Transcription – Salesforce Consultants | Basati LLC

Transcription Return to homepage   Tim: Basati was founded in 2011. I was actually doing part-time work consulting and quickly realized that it was much bigger than just me. I needed to find a lot of folks smarter than me and decided to turn into a business. We...

The Insider’s Guide to Surviving Dreamforce

Dreamforce is the annual, worldwide, conference hosted in San Francisco by Salesforce.  I first attended in 2006, when it was a “tiny” gathering of maybe 30 something thousand.  This year in 2015, well over 140,000 are predicted.  To put that in perspective, I live in...

Basati Consultant Joins 2015 Salesforce MVP Class

In an age when terms like “awesome” and “best of breed” are thrown around like so many tennis balls at a dog park, one Salesforce industry award towers far above the rest of the accolades.  That award is Salesforce MVP™ and we’re proud and happy to say Basati Client...

The Swiss Army Knife of Salesforce: Cirrus Insight

By: Paul Young, Basati VP of Channel Management Remember MacGyver?  No matter the situation, agent MacGyver would pull out his Swiss Army knife and using only some dryer lint and a bent nail, would somehow boil water, disarm a nuclear device, and jump start the engine...


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