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What is the Change?


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As an admin of a Salesforce org, we want to notify you of a change that will impact your org.

What is the change?
With the Winter ’17 release*, Salesforce will auto-enable the following features for your production org:

1. Account Insights: Provides users with a customized list of timely, account-relevant news from United States sources.
2. Account Autofill: Users can select a suggested company from a list during account creation, making it easier to create new business accounts.
3. Account Logos: Displays company logos, when available, on US-based accounts.

To prevent these features from being auto-enabled, you must take action by July 10, 2016. NOTE: This change will not impact sandbox orgs.

* Currently targeted for October 2016; date subject to change

How will this change impact my Salesforce org?
These features provide users with news, account details, and logos that are obtained via Salesforce’s proprietary platform. In some cases, Salesforce will share account and contact details with a third-party news provider.

When any of these features are enabled, some of your organization’s data may be saved and/or processed by third-party services and other Salesforce technologies, each that may offer different privacy and security protections than the Salesforce Services. When data (such as the name or website of an account that’s being queried) is shared or transferred, we make efforts to exclude your name and your organization’s name. Salesforce is not responsible for the privacy and security of data that is shared with third parties when you use these features.

Salesforce provides insights from its own news processing platform, which collects news from RSS feeds and Twitter content of news providers. On occasion, if a match isn’t found in our database, we may search a third-party provider for news specific to your account, using the account name you’ve listed in Salesforce. In either event, Salesforce is not responsible for the content of insights that are provided by third parties. Queries performed by Salesforce are performed using secure protocols and are not linked to individual Salesforce users.

What action must I take?
To prevent the account intelligence features from being auto-enabled, you must submit an opt-out case to Salesforce support by July 10, 2016. To submit an opt-out case, please take the following steps.

1. Log in to your Salesforce org and click Help & Training.
2. Select Contact Support.
3. Select Feature Activations.
4. Select Other.
5. Select Log a New Case.
6. Copy and paste “Account feature opt-out request” into the Subject field.
7. Include each feature you would like to opt out of in the Description field. It’s important that you use the correct feature name for each feature you are opting out of. To ensure accuracy, copy and paste the appropriate text below into the Description field for each feature you are opting out of:
a. “I wish to opt out of the Account Insights feature.”
b. “I wish to opt out of the Account Autofill feature.”
c. “I wish to opt out of the Account Logos feature.”
8. Click Submit.

NOTE: You will need to submit a case for each org that you wish to opt out. Sandbox orgs will not be impacted by this change.

When will the change occur?
If your opt-out case is not submitted by July 10, 2016, these features will be auto-enabled for your production org with the Winter ‘17 release. After the Winter ’17 release, you can disable any of these features from the Account Settings page in Setup.

How can I get more information?
Please visit the articles linked above for more information on these features.

For additional questions, open a case with Support via the Help & Training portal.


This information was originally published by Salesforce.


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