Utah’s Top Corporate Counsel Attorneys – Adam Wardel

Adam was selected for his ability to effectively guide the company to a continued standard of excellence, a commitment to ethics, and to focus on successful outcomes. 

Since joining Simplus in 2017, Adam has seen many changes in the company. Within one year, Simplus completed two international acquisitions—one in Australia and one covering Great Britain and Ireland. “I find it fascinating to learn not only the different laws but also the different business cultures and ideas. It has allowed me to become a more well-rounded attorney,” said Adam

Although the legal industry has seen its share of lawyer jokes, Adam is aware of his role’s often serious influence on people and the company. “No matter where you work, you impact the employees’ lives, the client’s lives, the vendor’s lives—you have the unique ability to make an impact, he said. 

As corporate counsel, Adam’s focus is on what is in the best interest of the company. But there’s always room for a caring, human touch. 

“I have worked to build trust, I have worked to build a relationship with people so they can feel as though if they’re going to come to me, the answer may be ‘no’ right now, but we’ll find a way to get to ‘yes,’” he said. “It may be a different path to get there, but we’ll do it, and we’ll do it in a way that protects the company.”

As a Las Vegas native, Adam isn’t afraid to bet on a positive corporate outlook for the evolving future of Simplus, and he looks forward to seeing how the company transforms amid change. 

“We live in a world that changes constantly and needs people who are willing to adapt to the change. I do feel like I will always have a role that involves legal counsel in some form. What excites me about that is that there is always a need for a legal mind in the room. Whether that is operations or marketing or education, there’s always a need for someone to say, ‘Let’s analyze this, let’s be both sides of the argument, and let’s help get to the best resolution.” 

Adam was presented with the Utah Business Top Corporate Counsel Award for 2020 at a recent awards lunch in Salt Lake City.

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