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What Problems can CPQ Solve?

The lead to cash process has become increasingly complicated across a range of businesses and industries. With products and services constantly changing, organisations are faced with increased complexity and accuracy with quoting. Manual processes are quickly becoming outdated, outgrown and difficult to maintain. Inefficient processes, rework and lack of workflow creates a longer sales cycle, is prone to errors and impacts both your customers’ experience and the bottom line of your business.

If your organisation faces any of the following challenges, it may be time to look at automating your quoting system:

  • Multiple product SKU’s or bundled configurations that are often changing and difficult to maintain
  • Long sales cycles and low closing rates
  • Pricing errors due to manual quoting and discounting
  • Difficulty managing subscriptions for products and services from a quote/contract/renewal perspective.

What is Salesforce CPQ?

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) is a powerful sales tool for organisations to automate and accurately generate highly configured quotes for customers. CPQ works in real time and provides everything your sales team needs to close a sale with a click of a button.

Why you should consider Salesforce CPQ?

With Salesforce CPQ, your sales team have access to accurate pricing, approved discounts and product bundles. Best of all this process is often 5 to 10 times quicker, helping you to secure the sale faster and sell more.


Speeds up your sales cycle

  • Assists sales reps to configure, price and quote efficiently and accurately the first time and close deals quicker
  • Built-in business rules to streamline approval processes and drive quick turnaround
  • Reduced errors as information is accessed from a central location.

Increases deal size

  • Built-in bundling and product rules to enable cross-sell and up-sell recommendations with product configurations aligned to specific customers.

Reduce sales administrative tasks

  • Complex business rules are automated and available in real time
  • Reduced risk and ensured compliance
  • Quick roll-out of new product SKU’s, pricing configurations and subscription renewals
  • Connects the contract terms and sales process in a central location and improves customer experience.

Why Partner with Simplus?

As the global leader in CPQ, and the first SteelBrick partner, we have been advising, implementing and managing CPQ since the beginning. Globally, we have completed over 700 successful CPQ projects. We have deep industry knowledge and expertise in high-tech, manufacturing, health and life sciences and financial services. With all this experience and passion we understand our customers challenges and through our bespoke capabilities, develop a clear road-map to ensure the platform delivers.