Not Your Mama’s Rev Ops:

How High Tech Companies Are Gaining a Competitive Advantage with Revenue Cloud

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Revenue Cloud was made for high tech organizations. Here’s why.

The high-tech industry is perpetually evolving to keep pace with what customers expect from their buyer journeys. A whopping 74 percent of B2B buyers now report that they’re using multiple sales channels to start and finish a single transaction, according to Salesforce industry research.

That means tech companies must design infrastructure that enables customers to jump seamlessly from direct sales to partners to digital storefronts—all while preserving the customer’s specific configuration of products and services, and all while enabling the sales team to instantly access the customer’s full sales and interaction history.

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Revenue Cloud is the first step to that infrastructure. In this ebook, you’ll learn…

  • Why high tech organizations are pivoting to a revenue operations model
  • Key features of Revenue Cloud most relevant to the high tech industry
  • How Revenue Cloud helps businesses stop disjointed systems and manual reconciliations
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Simplus is ready to support your organization and guide you through a Revenue Cloud implementation with expert resources. Learn more today.

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