“Working with the Simplus team has been
a wonderful experience.”

Martha de la Torre | EC Hispanic Media

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At a Glance

EC Hispanic Media realized its processes weren’t scalable, so they contracted Simplus to implement Salesforce CPQ in order to streamline their quoting, sales and reporting processes.

Services Provided
  • Implementation
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Custom Development

Streamlining Sales & Quoting

EC Hispanic Media sales team members were using PDF rate cards to determine pricing. While this worked for simple orders, complex ones with multiple products, each with a different discount amount, became very time consuming.

Sales team members need approval for special discounts and pricing. With EC Hispanic’s existing software, there was no way to automate this process or track updates. This caused many quotes to become delayed or lost.

With incorrect data from manual entry, complex pricing, manual quote generation and a difficult approval process, it took a long time to send a quote to a prospective customer. This ineffiency and poor customer experience ultimately led to lost revenue.

Working with the Simplus team has been a wonderful experience. I've worked with different organizations in the past and your processes are so much better, there's a rhyme to the reason. Everyone I worked with was very knowledgeable with Salesforce CPQ.

Martha de la Torre, CEO, El Clasificado

The Outcome

As newspaper advertisements are not a typical Salesforce Quote-to-Cash implementation, Simplus had to create a unique design for product catalog, pricing and discounting to meet EC Hispanic Media’s requirements.

In addition to utilizing every possible type of discounting offered by Salesforce Quote-to-Cash, Simplus had to create custom Discount Products to remove a percentage without impacting the individual line pricing.

Simplus led several successful training sessions with the EC Hispanic Media team to show them how the implementation works and ensure all were comfortable with the change. Simplus also taught key personnel how to modify sections of the tool, such as pricing and discounting, so changes could be made internally.

I foresee this tool being a high value game changer in the months to come. Highly recommend their services to anyone, especially those with Quote-to-Cash needs!

Martha de la Torre, CEO, El Clasificado

About EC Hispanic Media

EC Hispanic Media is a Los Angeles based company with headquarters in Norwalk, California. Through its flagship digital product, ElClasificado.com, EC Hispanic Media reaches almost 2.5 million Hispanics on a monthly basis.

Headquarters: Norwalk, CA, USA
Industry: Media
Website: www.echispanicmedia.com