Tellabs empowers its global sales
team with Salesforce CPQ.

At a Glance

Operating under an inefficient and unsustainable sales process, Simplus was able to help Tellabs transform its sales operations into a productive, dependent, and scalable environment.

Services Provided
  • Implementation Services
  • Sales Cloud

Transform manual processes into modern sales efficiency through CPQ:


Unnecessary sales rep oversight: Tellabs’ existing sales process necessitated excessive approvals that were hindering efficient sales cycles.

Costly pricing and quoting: The company’s current quoting system was resource intensive and lacked flexibility, further slowing down its sales cycle.

Unsustainable tools: Tellabs sales process utilized inflexible tools such as Excel to operate its sales. As a result, it found itself in a static environment with little room for scalability.

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The Outcome:


Simplus stepped in and was able to implement Salesforce CPQ for Tellabs. Under this configuration, Tellabs immediately saw the benefits of the streamlined and efficient platform through various task automations and easy-to-use templates.

The new CPQ solution allowed Tellabs to quickly maximize team productivity and improve deal visibility throughout all points of the sales lifecycle.


About Tellabs

Tellabs is leading the future of networking with access solutions for today, poised to deliver modern high-performance solutions for the future. Fast and secure access has never been in more demand for enterprise and government connectivity. Tellabs’ sole focus is to deliver simple, secure, scalable and stable access to optimize network performance.

Headquarters: Naperville, IL
Industry: Technology Hardware