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Artificial intelligence (AI) in customer service is on the rise, but it’s no secret that automated answers are not a catch-all. Customer cases are often complicated: a product issue requires a custom diagnosis and solution. Or an unsatisfied customer needs an empathizing, listening ear.  

Enter live customer service agents, able to solve human problems with a personal touch. However, having sympathy for customers isn’t enough for agents; they must also possess experience, skills, and quick access to applicable information to solve customer cases with speed and accuracy. 

But if agents face obstacles like disparate, outdated, and insufficient data, their hands are tied. Expertly implemented Service Cloud grants capable agents the capabilities they need to solve customer cases efficiently and confidently. It equips agents with ready access to case information, customer and product data, knowledge bases, and area experts, among other resources.

Outfitted with such powerful technological tools as those built into Salesforce applications, customer service agents can supplement humanity with omniscient-like knowledge—and ultimately save the day. They can resolve customer cases with satisfying results: companies like AXA Business Insurance and Citrix have both seen increased customer retention, satisfaction ratings, and customer lifetime value since they have mobilized their forces with powerful and flexible solutions in Salesforce Service Cloud.

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Citrix scores

Needing not only a one-stop shop for customer data but also a flexible, customized solution, Citrix, an ecommerce company, turned to Simplus. In addition to implementing a custom configuration of Salesforce Service Cloud, Simplus provided advisory services as well.

“One of the key pillars of our company is ‘be customer driven.’ Simplus helped us integrate all of our assets and user information in Service Cloud, so our reps now have 360-degree customer views. Since completing the project, customer satisfaction has increased,” says Tim Maskrey, Program Manager, Citrix Online.

“We can now offer faster, more effective, and more efficient service,” Maskrey says.  

Citrix service reps are now scoring points with customers, as seen in the following stats measured after the company’s first six months with its Service Cloud solution:

10% increase in CSAT (customer satisfaction) scores

20% increase in total CLV (customer lifetime value)

30 second decrease in average call time

5,000 minutes saved per week


AXA converses

A blanket approach to customer cases is a foreign concept to AXA Business Insurance. Solving unique customer problems is its business. Also, as more and more businesses go direct for their insurance, customer service ratings are highly valued. To prepare for this direct approach, the company needed a friendlier system. It used four internal systems for policy data, which handicapped their customer service advisers. “There was a gap in customer intimacy,” says Jacqueline Cowden, Head of Business Delivery at AXA. “People felt we didn’t always know and understand their business. We needed to stop having product-based conversations and start having more customer-focused conversations.”

Ever since the company implemented Salesforce Service Cloud as its single CRM solution, advisers are loaded with power to access all of a customer’s data in one place: what policies they own, past interactions, feedback history, and recent online activity. If a customer has been working with one agent, but that agent is unavailable, any other agent can view the customer’s full history and pick up from there.

“The more you know about a customer, the easier it is to have a productive conversation,” explains Darrell Sansom, Chief Customer & Innovation Officer at AXA UK. “Our customers no longer have to repeat themselves, and if they’ve had a negative experience in the past, advisors can understand that and try to change their perception.”

Now equipped with understanding, customer service advisers can tap into their humanity and converse with customers in meaningful ways.


Powerful integration

Salesforce Service Cloud supplies technological aids to human challenges. For example, with the Salesforce Lightning Console, agents have a complete view of the customer. Through a collapsible interface, they can see a case history overview and delve into the details if needed. They can use macros for repetitive tasks, search a knowledge base for articles on related topics, attach knowledge base articles to follow-up emails to customers, enlist the help of company experts, and schedule onsite appointments.


Simplus knows Salesforce Service Cloud and provides custom configurations and advisory services. Ready to empower your agents? Contact Simplus today.

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