Transformative Service
for Manufacturers

Finding improved cash flow, financial sustainability, and revenue streams through services.


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Finding improved cash flow, financial sustainability, and revenue streams through services

of US companies surveyed say they are servitised

Servitization is about manufacturing companies growing their revenue streams through providing services. In a recent survey, 53% of manufacturing companies in the US consider themselves to be servitised with “maintenance and support” and “retail and distribution” being the most commonly provided services. Increasing the range of services through spare parts, helpdesk services, and repair is proving to be the jumping off point.

Better relationships with customers

Leading manufacturers are closer to the customer than ever before and are gaining a much better understanding of the customer’s needs and pain points leading to innovations in products and solutions. Customers are beginning to buy outcomes rather than products in some cases leading to better performance and reliability. New pricing models are available in exchange for longer contracts. All of this leads to better working relationships between customers and manufacturers.

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