Mike Lockert on XVoyant: Why Listening to Your Customers and Sales Reps Matters

Mike Lockert, Chief Revenue Officer of Simplus, got together with Rob Jeppsen, CEO of XVoyant, a Sales Performance Improvement Platform, to talk about his blueprint for how to keep your sales on the high-growth trajectory. He talks about how culture is a key ingredient to that success and how it is made up of all the things you do as a sales leader. He gives the secret to making your sales reps really want to follow you, something that is invaluable in this world of short-term job longevity for sales pros.

“One of the most important things you can do as a sales leader is not come across as “that” leader,” said Lockert. “You want to come off as being that person in the trenches who understands what your reps are going through every day, and making sure you have a plan in place to help them succeed.”

Simplus had recently announced the appointment of Mike Lockert as CRO, handing over the reins for the overall company revenue and a variety of new business initiatives such as increasing existing client base sales, corporate development, marketing, product pricing, and meeting corporate profit targets. In his previous position as Executive Vice President of Sales at Simplus, Lockert was responsible for establishing company objectives by developing strategic sales plans and targets. With the recent acquisition of an international Salesforce platinum partner and the successful closure of a $20 million funding round, Lockert is primed to ensure that the company is aligned with strategy, and to keep the momentum going into 2019 and beyond.

“When I first started and became a sales leader—and I know there are some mentors out there that are probably laughing right now listening to me—I figured I had to go out and do it all myself. I thought, hey, I’m not in charge of a sales team if we’re going to go get a deal done I’m going to have to get it all done myself, right? And I learned right off the bat that there’s just no way you do that. There’s not enough time in the world. You can’t scale. You can’t do everything. You don’t have the energy to do all those things.”

Lockert brings with him more than 28 years of business development, goal achievement, and talent development. Credited with building strong relationships with sales teams to drive strategy and deliver results, Lockert is effective in increasing market share and revenue by combining strong business development strategy with effective management. He received his BS in Sales and Management from the University of Northern Iowa in 1990.

“Mike Lockert has been instrumental to the growth of Simplus,” said Ryan Westwood, CEO of Simplus. “Under his direction, the company grew 300 percent in both 2017 and 2018. His focus on understanding the true needs of the customer has been an important guardrail to ensure that we are always customer-centric and focused on achieving the best business outcomes for our customers.”

“I’m honored and excited to expand my role here at Simplus,” said Lockert. “I am looking forward to contributing to building Simplus’ already award-winning reputation and helping Simplus continue on its impressive journey.  With the Sales, Solutions, and Delivery Teams we have in place, I know we will continue to provide the value our customers demand. These teams are the foundation of our success.”

To listen to the full podcast episode, click here.  

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