How Oracle CPQ’s guided selling reduces decision fatigue

Buyers today have more choices than they ever have before. The internet has made it simple for both consumers and businesses to find what they want when they want it. But, the power to find anything instantly has come with an unintended consequence: we find a lot of anything instantly, which means decision-making is much more difficult. In fact, there’s a recognized phenomenon that results from this plethora of choices: decision fatigue. Decision fatigue occurs when we become tired from making decisions over and over throughout the day. The result is that we end up making decisions that we aren’t happy with in retrospect or that objectively would be considered poor choices.

When it comes to your business, it’s imperative that you avoid decision fatigue in your customers when they’re working with you—but this can sometimes be difficult. Some solutions are very complex, and they require the customer to make a lot of decisions. Thankfully, using guided selling through Oracle CPQ can diminish decision fatigue by identifying customer needs, simplifying your product offering, and automating processes.


Identifying customer needs

Identifying what it is that the customer actually needs seems so obvious and simple, but it’s funny how often it’s missed. High-performing sales teams are 2.8x more likely than underperforming teams to say their sales organizations have become much more focused on personalizing customer interactions. That means that teams aren’t performing as well because there isn’t a focus on personalizing the offering based on the customer. Oracle CPQ’s guided selling feature focuses on the identification of what the customer’s goals are, which pushes that to the forefront of your salesperson’s mind. The focus then shifts from what the salesperson’s agenda could be, or what the customer thinks they want, to looking for solutions that help your customer reach and exceed goals.


Simplifying your product offering

Simplifying what you’re offering to customers might seem counterintuitive. Don’t customers want choices and the empowerment to make their own decisions? They do, but only to a point, and it’s because of decision fatigue. Too many choices can lead to indecision, or questioning already made decisions. Simplifying purchase decisions is the number one driver for the likelihood to buy. Guided selling by Oracle CPQ narrows the choices presented to the customer, which makes for a better buying experience. Simplification also has the benefit of demonstrating an understanding of the customer’s business and needs, which builds trust in your ability to deliver.


Automating sales processes

Decision fatigue doesn’t only affect the customer, but it affects your salespeople as well. They are responsible for many moving pieces, and the less important pieces can easily be automated by Oracle CPQ. Things like proposal generation, follow-ups, and other repetitive tasks can be done by Oracle CPQ to make your salespeople’s lives easier. And, when they need assistance in discovering needs or determining which products to offer, Oracle CPQ uses wizard-driven processes to make usage simple. The salesperson can have confidence in the outputs of Oracle CPQ because pricing, discounting, and approvals are all up to date.


A customer suffering from decision fatigue can have a poor experience when purchasing from you. They might feel that dealing with your salesperson was difficult and unpleasant, or they might even end up with a product they’re not happy with or that doesn’t do exactly what it should. Oracle CPQ’s guided selling features make the sales process more pleasant because it enables salespeople to focus on the customer and simplify the sales experience.


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