Simplus + Prodly’s Moover solution

Prodly’s Moover solution is a relational data tool
for quick and efficient data organization of your
Salesforce instance. Moover is designed by Salesforce experts,
which means it’s the perfect program for populating sandboxes,
moving reference data, and more. With Moover, streamlined and
accurate Salesforce projects are more than
possible — they’re the norm.


Simplus and Prodly’s Moover solution partnership

means data organization in your Salesforce implementation is done by the best. Moover ensures that transfers are reliable and scalable, and Simplus brings the years of implementation experience to give your company the custom treatment it deserves.

How it’s Done

Prodly’s Moover is the premier data platform for Salesforce. Data is seamlessly managed with Moover using:

  • Centrally located deployment: control all movements
    from one central org
  • Multiple destination deployment: send the same data to multiple sandboxes — with one click!
  • Data set templates: preconfigured for your
    data backups and transfers
  • User self-sufficiency: Moover’s library of resources
    means constant support

What it Does

Moover is all about simplifying complex Salesforce developments — ideal for emulating success simplified.

  • Migrates data: easily, frequently, quickly
  • Seeds multiple test sandboxes efficiently
  • Manages multiple projects and clients
  • Empowers clients to perform reference updates
  • Isolates access to maintain secure processes
  • Protects personal information during testing

Other Features

  • Migration of standard and custom objects —
    with custom settings too
  • Lightning-based UI avoiding need-to-know schema
  • Data filtering with SOQL queries
  • Standard and custom UPSERT
  • Replication of record owners, record types
  • Handling of circular dependencies and master-detail relationships

Your data  Prodly’s Moover solution  Simplus services

Clean, efficent implementation for better sales.