The power of visualizations from Oracle CPQ

Little kids have a lot of questions. About everything. All the time. This probably doesn’t strike anyone as unique or groundbreaking to hear about children. After all, they’re new here, and their curiosity helps them to process the world around them. One of the great benefits of having technology at our fingertips is that we can use the internet to pull up pictures or videos to help illustrate the answers to inquisitive kids. And those lessons, because we have a visual element to share with them, seem to stick the most. These visual lessons help distill complex ideas down into things kids can understand, while also keeping their attention and being more easily remembered. Interestingly, there’s data to back up why visual information seems to have those benefits. More than half of the brain is utilized to understand visual data, and 65% of people are visual learners. Visual information resonates with us because we’re built that way.

One of the core sales difficulties is effectively communicating your company’s product information to your audience, whether that’s online or in sales presentations. But what can help is showing what your product looks like or visually demonstrating how your service will integrate into their processes to be more efficient. Oracle CPQ is exceptional at assisting your salesperson with such visualizations and with helping the buyer dig through complex, changing product configurations to find the best solution. Your CPQ can be set up with simple visualizations like diagrams or images all the way up to complex visualizations like 3D models or augmented reality to give the full picture of your product or offering. Using Oracle CPQ’s visual capabilities makes sales easier, shows professionalism, and confirms the accuracy of orders.


Make sales easier

We know that visual elements help us to learn and understand, but do they make sales easier? Researchers from the University of Minnesota have shown that visual aids in presentations increase effectiveness by 43%. That’s a massive bump by including images or diagrams.  Visualizations improve the sales process and the CPQ user’s experience, whether that user is internal or external.


Show professionalism

Because the visual element is so important, it makes sense that design-driven companies outperform the S&P index by 219%. How your quotes or collateral look is a direct reflection of the care and professionalism you’re bringing to the relationship with the customer. The better your stuff looks, the more trust you’re building. From the very first exchange, you can demonstrate that you care about the customer and will get the job done.


Confirm accuracy and eliminate errors

This may be the most simple benefit, but it’s also the most important. Can you think of a time you’ve purchased something online that didn’t have an image of what it was? You probably can’t. You more likely have had the experience that what you purchased didn’t match the online image of the item, and you were disappointed when you didn’t receive what you expected. Images, which can be easily kept up to date using Oracle CPQ, can determine the accuracy of an order. If the customer or salesperson notices that the product image isn’t quite what they were anticipating at the quote or contract level, it can save a whole lot of time and money to change at that point rather than after delivery.


Using Oracle CPQ you can tap into the benefits of visualization to help make sales more compelling for customers and easier for your salespeople, while also being a positive association for your brand.


To empower your company to deliver better quotes with visualizations, contact us today to get set up with Oracle CPQ.

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