Santiago Vacaguzman - My Vetforce Story

Santiago Vacaguzman – My Vetforce Story

Position at Simplus:

Associate Consultant


Experience in Salesforce:

1 year


Military Job:

Sergeant/Squad Commander


How did you discover Salesforce?

My brother worked in the industry and later on I was introduced to Simplus with their bootcamp program.


How did (are) you train(ing) to become Salesforce Certified?

Simplus’ bootcamp program was a great way to train. I heavily used Trailhead and other resources like 


What is your #vetforcevictory story into Simplus?

Since I joined Simplus, I was able to be part of the largest CPQ implementation ever! Leadership, discipline, and commitment (skills I learned in the Bolivian Air Force) have greatly helped me in my current position as a consultant in that project.


How has Vetforce made an impact on your life?

It has been a great source of support and connections!


What does the Vetforce community mean to you?

It means I can connect with people that have a lot of things in common with me. I think there is this feeling of brotherhood among strangers, and it makes it easier to be friends.


What advice do you have for new Vetforce members?

Connect! You would be amazed by how many things in common you have with other members. 


What are some career-oriented goals you have?

 – I want to hold at least five Salesforce certifications (currently I have two)

– I want to learn and focus on how Salesforce can impact financial services as that is my passion and background

– I want to help others grow their careers as I grow mine. I want to do good in my community.


What are some personal (non-career) goals you have? 

– Read on3 book a week

– Learn Chinese

– Visit the seven marvels of the world


Personal interests/hobbies:

Guitar, singing, shooting