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Effective, End-to-End Covid-19 Vaccine Management for Providers

Effective, End-to-End Covid-19 Vaccine Management for Providers preview
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The world is anxiously awaiting the safe and effective rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination to help all of us “return to normal,” which means state and local governments need a plan to rapidly distribute. From resident enrollment, prioritization, and provider registration to inventory tracking, adverse event management, and compliance reporting, public health agencies have a lot to consider to ensure a mass vaccination program like this is successful.

Salesforce, Simplus, and Infosys have joined together for an informative discussion on what an end-to-end COVID-19 vaccine management process looks like and how agencies can prepare.

Register now for this hour-long event to hear:

  • Some issues you may not have been thinking about when it comes to COVID-19 vaccine management and how to overcome them
  • How new digital tools and technologies can help you scale and form a fast and transparent response
  • How current events may impact your plan, and what your next steps forward should be to adjust and continue with your vaccination program


Amy Cook

Amy Osmond Cook, PH.D.
Chief Marketing Officer

Sean Kennedy

Sean Kennedy
Public Sector Health Go-to-Market Lead & Senior Interoperability Architect

suman de

Dr. Suman De
Head for Government Healthcare Solutions
Infosys Public Services

Nadeem Ahmed

Nadeen Ahmed
Senior AVP

Watch industry experts explain the Effective, End-to-End Covid-19 Vaccine Management for Providers.

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