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How to build an amazing culture in a remote setting

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Culture in the Cloud

Workplace culture is never more important than when your workforce is remote. Whether you have team members dispersed around the globe or a local workforce that quickly has to manage job responsibilities while homeschooling and caring for young children, keeping morale high has never been more important.

Ryan Westwood and Jen Bailin, both seasoned executives who have seen their share of unusual business environments, have developed tried-and-true strategies to keep culture strong no matter the situation. Chester Elton has spent two decades helping clients engage their employees in organizational strategy, vision and values.


Ryan Westwood

Ryan Westwood
at Simplus

Jen Bailin

Jen Bailin
Vice President
at Salesforce

Chester Elton

Chester Elton
Author, Executive Speaker, Keynote
Speaker at The Culture Works

6 Steps to Great Culture ebook

6 Steps to Great Culture

Meaningful, authentic company culture lies beyond ping pong tables and unlimited snacks. Instead, a company culture focused on core values that are reinforced by an aligned leadership team and a clear vision throughout the company will help you achieve better business results. While the perfect company culture will look a little different for each organization, there are six crucial elements that all great company cultures have in common.


It’s time to transform your sales processes and experience unprecedented growth.

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