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Automating Quote-to-Cash Processes for Medical Device Companies

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Discover Insights On CPQ For Medical Device Organizations

Successful medical device companies all have something in common: automated processes for the quote-to-cash (QTC) journey. But the path to attaining this level of operational efficiency isn’t always common knowledge. That’s why Simplus’ experts in Salesforce CPQ for medical device companies—Gilles Muys and Paul Stevenson—are coming together in this webinar to showcase just that.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The costs of inefficient QTC processes in the medical device industry
  • How QTC automation improves your company’s collaborative work environment
  • Strategic drivers paving the way for QTC automation in medical device organizations
  • Firsthand experiences implementing Salesforce CPQ by medical device companies like Ziehm Medical


Gilles Muys

Gilles Muys
VP of Customer Solutions
at Simplus

Paul Stevenson

Paul Stevenson
Principal Advisory Strategist
at Simplus

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Complete Guide
to CPQ for HLS

Health and life sciences organizations are in the middle of a major shift: the pivot to value-based care and more patient-focused processes is nigh. Part of this transition includes a revamp of how HLS organizations approach their sales cycle. Unfortunately, manual errors, data silos, security concerns, and slow turnaround times plague sales.


It’s time to transform your sales processes and experience unprecedented growth.

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