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Intro to Manufacturing Cloud: Optimizing Sales Revenue and Recognition

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Finding opportunities in change.

Many businesses have traditionally relied upon customizing their CRM or utilizing spreadsheets to predict sales revenue. Today, manufacturers can optimize the sales revenue recognition process out of the box from Salesforce with Manufacturing Cloud. Learn the role Manufacturing Cloud was built to fill and the future of digital transformation in manufacturing.

In this session, you will get answers to commonly asked questions about Manufacturing Cloud, including:

  • The what and why of Manufacturing Cloud
  • How you can get the most value out of Manufacturing Cloud
  • The types of manufacturing companies that Manufacturing Cloud will serve best
  • How to get started with Manufacturing Cloud


Jenny Gai

Jenny Gai
Global Lead, Manufacturing Cloud Operations
at Salesforce

Tom Lovell

Tom Lovell
Manufacturing CoE Lead
at Simplus

Deliver predictability and transparency across your ecosystem with Manufacturing Cloud.

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