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Manufacturing client panel: Strategies for best-in-class PRM

Part of the Leading Edge Growth Forum: Preparing for the Future of Manufacturing. Presented by The National Association of Manufacturers, Salesforce, Simplus, and Underwriters Laboratory.


Michael T. Janney

Michael Janney
VP, Industries

Chris Osment

Chris Osment
VP, Administration
Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US

Traci Louvier

Traci Louvier
VP, Corporate Marketing & Branding
Tuthill Corporation

David Rivas - Simplus

David Rivas
VP and GTM Lead

How manufacturers are leveling up PRM

For manufacturing, strong partner relationships can be the difference between thriving and floundering. Learn more about what partner relationship management really entails (knowledge management, sales orders, onboarding, etc.), how the right technology helps drive the ideal partner experience, and why it’s so important for your sales strategy.

Listen to hear Mitsubishi Electric, Tuthill Corporation, Salesforce, and Simplus share:

  • How manufacturers are optimizing PRM to make it easier to do business with them
  • Best practices for enabling and engaging the channel
  • The key components of a best-in-class PRM and why they matter

Manufacturing client panel: Strategies for best-in-class PRM


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