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How to avoid scaling M4.0 pitfalls

Part of the Leading Edge Growth Forum: Preparing for the Future of Manufacturing.
Presented by The National Association of Manufacturers, Simplus, and Underwriters Laboratory.


Penelope Brown

Penelope Brown
Content Director
Manufacturing Leadership Council

Kevin Willemse
Director, Strategic Advisory Services

Move beyond M4.0 pilots to enterprise-wide success stories

The COVID-19 pandemic has left manufacturers with a stunning cultural change: a newfound readiness for M4.0 projects. According to the Manufacturing Leadership Council, “the COVID viral firestorm has made manufacturers acutely aware of the need to continue along that M4.0 journey,” and many manufacturers are predicting that “the recent changes in their corporate culture will now be permanent.”

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As a seasoned technology implementation partner with a specialty in manufacturing organizations, Simplus often finds that manufacturers will have great success with a small-scale or pilot project, but as soon as they try to scale, the obstacles begin to mount quickly. Scaling a comprehensive technology revolution, like many M4.0 projects aim to be, is no easy task, but its challenges can be mediated with best practices designed to bring any project to the enterprise level. Join Simplus and NAM to learn key takeaways on both how to avoid purgatory and how to scale during M4.0 initiatives.

Access the recording to hear:

  • The four most prevalent reasons M4.0 pilots fail
  • Countermeasures you can put in place to avoid M4.0 pitfalls
  • Proven strategies to scale your pilot for an enterprise rollout
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How to avoid scaling M4.0 pitfalls


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