What is it like to work with Simplus as a Salesforce managed services partner?


Paul Temple
VP Managed Services

Kyle Hanagarne

Kyle Hanagarne
VP Communications, Media, and Technology

George Bock
VP Managed Services

Shane Taylor
Director IT Portfolio Management

What it is like to work with Simplus as a Salesforce Managed Services partner?

Salesforce Managed Services can cost-effectively extend the capabilities of your in-house Salesforce team and help reduce workload from your internal staff. The Simplus model is cost predictable and flexible. What is it actually like to work with Simplus as a managed services provider?

We discussed some frequently asked questions with three managed services experts. First, we interviewed Paul Temple, VP of Simplus Managed Services, to get an understanding of the Simplus managed services model. Then we talked to two long-time Simplus Managed Service Clients, George Bock, VP of IT at Kofax, and Shane Taylor, Director IT Portfolio Management at Verimatrix, asking them some deep-dive questions into their managed services programs.

(The minute and second where each question is asked is noted for quick reference if needed.)

  • (3:00) What is it like to work with a Salesforce managed services provider like Simplus?
  • (7:45) How does the Simplus team operate and interact with their clients?
  • (9:30) How does the Simplus Flex Team model work?
  • (11:45) How are the hours and management of contractual obligations managed and demonstrated to the clients?
  • (14:30) What are the top reasons Kofax brought on a Salesforce Managed Services team?
  • (17:00) What helped Veramatrix choose Simplus as a managed services provider?
  • (19:38) What reservations did Kofax have going into the engagement with Simplus?
  • (21:40) What would life be like for Veramatrix without Simplus Managed Services?
  • (24:35) What advice do you have for others evaluating a managed services engagement?

Watch the video to get insights on what makes a Simplus managed services engagement different from our competitors and what it can do for your organization.

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